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Hot Stamping Machines

Hot stamping machine is a device used for the process of hot stamping, which is a printing or decorating technique that applies foils or pre-dried inks to various surfaces. It is commonly used to add metallic or colored designs, logos, or text to products such as packaging materials, labels, leather goods, stationery, and more.

Manual Hot Stamping Machine

The manual hot stamping machine is a type of hot stamping equipment that requires manual operation by the user to perform the stamping process. Hot foil stamp manual machines offer versatility and simplicity, they rely on human control for applying pressure and timing during the stamping operation. Manual digital hot foil stamping machines are more affordable and compact, making them suitable for smaller-scale or occasional stamping needs. They are commonly used in craft and hobby projects, small businesses, and situations where precise control and customization are required.

Automatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

The automatic digital hot foil stamping machine is simple to operate. Just set the parameters and place the materials to be stamped, and the machine can automatically complete the stamping process. It has fast heating speed and efficient hot stamping operation, which can improve production efficiency and is suitable for small studios and personal creative studios.

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