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Embossing Seal Stamp Wholesale

The embosser seal stamp is composed of a steel printing frame and copper plates, the copper plates can engrave your logo or artwork. The pattern has no color, only raised text, numbers and pictures. Because the impression it covers is difficult to imitate, the embosser stamp has a certain anti-counterfeiting function, the imprint will never disappear. 

Pocket Seal

Pocket seal is a handheld or portable embosser used for creating an embossed or raised impression of a seal or emblem on a document. The easy sliding lock mechanism makes for convenient handling and storage.

PS-01 Rose Gold Pocket Seal
PS-02 Black Pocket Seal
PS-03 Gold Pocket Seal
PS-04 Silver Pocket Seal
PS-05 Handhold Pocket Seal
PS-06 Plastic Pocket Seal
PS-07 Bronze Pocket Seal
PS-08 Sliver Pocket Seal
DS-01 Desk Embosser
DS-02 Desktop Seal

Desk Seal

Desk seals are designed to be placed on a desk or flat surface for ease of use, specially designed for office use. 4 feet with rubber rings support the frame in an upright position, allowing the desk embosser to generate excellent leverage.

Extra Long Reach Embosser

Extra long reach embossers are great for putting your impressions where a regular pocket or desk-type seal just won’t reach. The long reach embosser combines all the features of other seal presses in a larger, heavier-duty device.

LRS-01 Long Reach Seal

HDS-01 Heavy Duty Embossed Stamp

HDS-02 Heavy Duty Notary Stamp

Heavy Duty Embosser

Cast iron desk embosser works on the most demanding jobs and the thickest paper. It can press paper weighing more than 300 grams, and offers a heavy-duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time.


Insert clip, cooper sheet and sticker can be customized according to needs.


Proper to be used for wedding, private signature, anti-counterfeiting, letter paper, envelope, invitations, business activities. Even can make prints on the napkings and aluminum foil to leave a beautiful design.

       for Certificates

        for Companies

         for Weddings 

         for Envelopes

            for Papers

               for Gifts

Embossing Seal Maker

embosser seal notary

Trodiss is the leading stamp seal maker in China, with more than 15 years of experience in the embosser stamp industry. Trodiss provides one-stop solution of custom logo stamp services from a new design to mass production for its customers. Advanced software is used to control the equipment according to the specification of your 3D design. Our team of engineers and machinists program the equipment to optimize cutting time, surface finish and final tolerance to meet your specifications. Trodiss has been specialized in offering the best custom embosser service for superior quality.

Customer Reviews

paper embossing stamp

Ellen K.

I have a stamp shop and have cooperation with TRODISS for 4 years. I am very satisfied with their services. I will order a batch of embossing stamps every time. Count the custom patterns that customers need every month, and Trodiss will carve them for me. All orders are delivered on time.

personalized wax seal stamp

Widmer S.

Our company has been cooperating with TRODISS for 10 years, and orders more than 20,000 embossers every year, high-quality products, excellent customer service. Maggie is very helpful, thank you!

corporate seal embosser

Frank W.

I have my own website, which mainly sells handicraft products. TRODISS is one of our suppliers and help us a lot in the beginning. Now our sales are very good, and we will continue to cooperate. TRODISS is a trusted seal stamp supplier.


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Custom embosser stamp is a tool used to press out embossed patterns on paper or thinner cardboard, it consists of a formed metal frame, spring clip insert and copper sheets. Carve the designed pattern or logo on a pair of Copper sheets, and paste the copper sheets in the spring clip insert, when using the custom embosser stamp, apply pressure to the handle of the embosser, and the spring clip insert will come together, pressing the copper sheets leaves a three-dimensional pattern on the paper.

Stamping embossers are very versatile, usually used in official notaries, businesses, schools, and organizations that issue official documents or certificates, use it on some official documents, certificates, and invitations to make paper or materials more authoritative and professional. Many people also use custom logo embossing stamps on letters, gifts, and personal artwork. Make various items stand out for their individuality and uniqueness.

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