Production Process of Embosser Seal

embosser seal is our daily office tool, we can engrave our own pattern on the copper plate, so custom embossing stamp can make our documents more formal and also play a role in anti-counterfeiting. The production and processing of embossing seals require multiple strict procedures, and the production process is relatively difficult in metal. First, […]

How To Identify Authenticity Of Custom Embossing Stamp?

To identify the authenticity of a custom embossing stamp, in addition to the obvious forgery characteristics of the suspicious embossing stamp, which can be determined to be forged, it is generally necessary to compare the suspicious embossing stamp with the real embossing stamp, that is, the sample stamp, and check whether the sum of the […]

What Are The Types of Modern Seals?

TRODISS has more than 15 years of experience in the seal industry. There are many types of seals in the market. As a manufacturer of custom embossing stamps, TRODISS will introduce the types of seals used in modern times in this article. Photosensitive stamp: After printing with laser, it can be directly exposed to the […]

What Are The Types Of Stamps?

The types of stamps mainly include photosensitive stamps, copper stamps, back-inking copper stamps, red glue stamps, penetration stamps, wax seal stamps, embossing seal stamps, etc. The effects after use are different, as follows: What are the types of stamps? Photosensitive sealPhotosensitive seals are made of a special chemical synthetic material that instantly emits strong light […]

How to make envelopes impressive?

An envelope is a bag-like device that people use to send letters and keep the contents of letters to communicate document information. Envelopes are generally made into rectangular paper bags. PerfumeYou can spray some floral, fruity fragrances. As soon as the recipient opens the envelope, he can smell the pleasant smell and be in a […]

The Development History of Custom Seal Stamp

Custom seal stamp is an art that combines carving and calligraphy. It is an art style that is inseparable from Chinese calligraphy and painting. Due to the unique characteristics of seals, it occupies an important position in the antique market in the field of antique appreciation. There are many names of custom logo seals, no […]

How to Print Gradient Wax Stamps?

Many people like custom wax seal stamps, which can be used in many places, such as invitations, gifts, weddings, etc. The method of use is also very simple, and many people will know it at a glance, but now the gradient pattern is popular. Many people have tried it, but the effect is not very […]

Tips For Using Wax Seal Stamp?

Now more and more people like custom wax seal stamps used to customize their favorite patterns and then used on envelopes, gifts, or weddings. Many customers find it very easy to use custom made wax seal stamp, but there are still some tricks. Today, a custom wax stamp maker, TRODISS will teach you some tips. […]

What Exactly is The Wax Seal Stamp?

This wax seal stamp is generally completed with the combination of sealing wax, wax melting spoon and candle. In ancient times, some official confidential letters were sealed with custom wax seal stamps to keep them secret in circulation. In the Middle Ages in the West, this method was also used to seal letters. Since it […]

What is An Embosser Seal?

The embosser seal is a combination of a metal frame and a clip. It is a metal clamping device. The upper and lower yin and yang stamps can engrave your favorite patterns and leave indentations on the documents. These indentations are colorless. , only raised text, numbers and symbols. Classification of embossing seal stamps:There are […]