What is An Embosser Seal?

The embosser seal is a combination of a metal frame and a clip. It is a metal clamping device. The upper and lower yin and yang stamps can engrave your favorite patterns and leave indentations on the documents. These indentations are colorless. , only raised text, numbers and symbols. Classification of embossing seal stamps:There are […]

How to Choose The Right Embossed Seal Maker in China?

Many art lovers like to engrave their own seals, and their own artworks or brands can be made into seals, which is a large group. So, as a person who has opened a seal shop or has his own seal company, how should he find a good embossed seal maker in China? Today TRODISS will […]

Top 5 Embossed Stamp Makers in China

Custom embossing seal is one of the essential tools for us art lovers, after we finish creating, we can leave our own mark on our works. embossing seal stamp can engrave your favorite pattern on it, and then can be used on your own artwork to play the role of anti-counterfeiting because the stamp is […]

How to Use Wax Seal Stamp?

Many seal stamp lovers like to buy wax seal stamp kits. but they don’t know how to use them or press them to make a beautiful stamp. As a wax seal marker, Trodiss shows you how to use it. Step 1: Light the candle.Step 2: Take the seal wax grains and place them on the […]