Top 5 Hot Foil Stamping Machine Manufacturers in China

China is one of the largest hot foil stamping machine manufacturers in the world and has many excellent hot foil stamping machine suppliers. These manufacturers have accumulated rich experience in hot stamping technology and are constantly innovating and improving their products. The following is an introduction to the top ten hot stamping machine manufacturers in […]

Recommend a Hot-selling Hot Stamping Machine

As a professional hot foil stamping machine manufacturer in China, Trodiss has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in the foil stamping industry, and the machines it develops are deeply loved by customers. Below TRODISS introduces a popular manual hot stamping machine. This machine produced by Trodiss is a special equipment for stamping or […]

Application of Handle Embosser

The handle embosser is a common metal printing tool widely used in various industries. It consists of a handle and a metal mouth with engraving. The metal mouth can be imprinted on the object that needs to be marked by holding the handle. Custom hand embosser has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation and […]

How to Use Hot Stamp Machine?

The hot stamping process is a special printing process that does not use ink. The so-called hot stamping refers to the process of hot stamping electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. The hot stamp machine is the equipment that completes the hot stamping process. Correct and […]

Factors Affecting the Hot Stamping Effect

Hot stamping refers to the process of printing electrochemical aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure. As one of the leading hot foil stamping machine manufacturers in China, TRODISS wrote this article about the factors that affect the hot stamping effect, hope it can help you. There are […]

Application of Small Hot Foil Stamping Machine

A small hot foil stamping machine is a kind of equipment widely used in printing, packaging, textile and other industries. It transfers metal foil or other hot stamping materials to the surface of the object through heat pressing to increase the visual appeal and texture of the product. The following is a detailed introduction to […]

The Artful Fusion: Exploring the Elegance of Seal Embossers in Creative Expression

In a world dominated by digital advancements and sleek, modern designs, there’s a timeless allure to the marriage of art and traditional craftsmanship. One such exquisite union can be found in the combination of art and seal embossers. These elegant tools, once primarily associated with official documents and notary purposes, have transcended their utilitarian origins […]

Precautions For Use Of Candle Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Bronzing candle is a kind of worship candle with various golden fonts on the surface of the candle. It is composed of paraffin wax, bamboo sticks, cotton, bronzing paper and hair coloring agent. Bronzing candles are bright and eye-catching in color, do not fade, do not deform, burn for a long time, and have obvious […]

Fully Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Operation Methods And Precautions

Fully automatic hot stamping machines play an important role in the advertising, graphics and printing industries. When using fully automatic hot stamping machines, you must pay attention to correct operating methods to avoid damaging the machine and effectively reduce the failure rate of fully automatic hot stamping machines. So, how to operate the fully automatic […]

How to Make a Wax Seal Stamp?

In recent years, a lot of stationery related to letters has become popular again, including tapes, stickers, custom wax seal stamps, etc., which are loved by adults and children alike. By using these products, you can not only exercise children’s hands-on ability, but also relieve stress. Wax seal stamps have a history of hundreds of […]