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Recommend a Hot-selling Hot Stamping Machine

As a professional hot foil stamping machine manufacturer in China, Trodiss has more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in the foil stamping industry, and the machines it develops are deeply loved by customers. Below TRODISS introduces a popular manual hot stamping machine.

This machine produced by Trodiss is a special equipment for stamping or silvering leather and paper in leather goods factories, gift box factories, jewelry box factories and other factories. This machine is improved based on the traditional hot stamping machine. It adds a CNC temperature controller, making it more intuitive in appearance and more accurate in temperature. Numbers record the number of operations, so there is no need to count. The automatic paper feeding length is controlled by a motor, and the motor is controlled by a high-precision time relay. There will be no waste of gold paper, and the material can be reused after collection. A hot stamp machine is an indispensable processing equipment for leather and paper hot stamping in leather goods factories and craft gift box factories. It is also the most economical and practical machine. This machine has a large pressure surface, constant pressure (automatic locking when pressed), automatic constant temperature, and arbitrary adjustment from 0 to 400 degrees.

Compared with hot stamp press machines on the market, this machine has the following main differences:

A new contactor is added to the temperature control: By adding a contactor, the temperature control system of this machine can better protect the temperature control meter and reduce the risk of it being easily burned out. This improves machine reliability and durability.

Electroplated hot stamping plates and carriages: This machine uses electroplating technology to process the hot stamping plates and carriages, which can effectively prevent rust and avoid material contamination. This is important to maintain the quality and appearance of the foil stamping results and reduce additional costs due to contamination.

Leveling device: This machine is equipped with a leveling device to ensure that the upper hot stamping plate and the lower sliding plate are consistent on the plane. This improves the accuracy and consistency of foil stamping, ensuring an even foil stamping effect.

Increased opening height: This machine is considered to be used by packaging box factories to iron packaged boxes. Compared with ordinary hot stamping machines on the market, the opening height of this machine is increased, by about 9 cm, which is twice that of ordinary machines. Such a design can meet higher hot stamping needs and is suitable for larger-sized objects.

Grinder-processed sliding shaft: The upper and lower sliding shafts of this machine have been ground by a grinder, which ensures the stability of the upper plate and makes the hot stamping position more accurate and consistent. This is very important for precise hot stamping operations and can improve work efficiency and hot stamping quality.

These differences give this machine some obvious advantages in terms of functionality and performance compared to manual hot stamping machines on the market.

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