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How to Use Wax Seal Stamp?

Many seal stamp lovers like to buy wax seal stamp kits. but they don’t know how to use them or press them to make a beautiful stamp. As a wax seal marker, Trodiss shows you how to use it.

Step 1: Light the candle.
Step 2: Take the seal wax grains and place them on the melting spoon and bake them on the fire for a while. wax seal stamps are available in large and small sizes, depending on the size of the wax grains. There are also wax strips, placed directly in the melting wax spoon, like grinding ink, slowly melted.
Step 3: wait until all the wax grains are melted, pour the liquid wax oil on the envelope. Note here that the room temperature should be suitable, the table should be flat, and the action should be fast, otherwise, the wax particles will soon solidify or flow away.
Step 4: When the wax oil is about to solidify, snap the custom wax seal stamp on it, stay for a while, take it down and finish. Pay attention to hand stability when covering, try to cover in the middle and make sure there is excess wax squeezed out all around, so as to form a complete circle.

Tools used for fire paint stamps: wax seal stamp, wax spoon, candle, wax grains.

Many people who like to play with wax seal stamps have a very nice set of tools. I always feel that the word “tool” nowadays has no meaning, just like the red and white machines of my childhood, which could carry a whole childhood memory despite having only a few dozen games, while the cell phones nowadays are so instrumental that they can play any game, but no longer have the fun of my childhood. In this way, custom made wax seal stamp is precious, probably because its tools are irreplaceable.

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