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Production Process of Embosser Seal

embosser seal is our daily office tool, we can engrave our own pattern on the copper plate, so custom embossing stamp can make our documents more formal and also play a role in anti-counterfeiting.

The production and processing of embossing seals require multiple strict procedures, and the production process is relatively difficult in metal.

First, the mold is cut according to the drawing, combining wire cutting, laser cutting and water cutting, and then the mold is placed in the stamping machine to stamp the steel plate into the desired shape. Then use the welding torch to weld the parts together, then grind and wrap the edges. At this point, the basic embossing stamp machine comes out. It is then polished to obtain a smooth surface and a mirror-like luster, and can also be electroplated to the desired color. This is a meticulous process, the quality of embossing logo stamps is closely related to the production process and experience, and the metal feeling and outstanding color of embossing stamps are unmatched by many plastics.

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