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What Exactly is The Wax Seal Stamp?

This wax seal stamp is generally completed with the combination of sealing wax, wax melting spoon and candle. In ancient times, some official confidential letters were sealed with custom wax seal stamps to keep them secret in circulation. In the Middle Ages in the West, this method was also used to seal letters. Since it is not easy to forge each seal pattern, once the letter is opened, the sealing wax will be destroyed, and there will be traces when it is closed so that the recipient can easily see whether the letter has been opened during the circulation process.

Although people do not often write letters now, the practicality of wax seal stamps is no longer there, but the ornamental value is still there, especially in the handbook circle. Most retro-style handbooks or JunkJournal fans have come into contact with custom made wax seal stamp. Different stamp patterns and different wax colors bring us a lot of fun.

The custom made wax seal stamp is like magic, sealing the precious time and keeping the best memories.

It is exquisite and precious and gives people a solemn and atmospheric feeling. It has also been creatively applied to wedding invitations in the past two years. As an exquisite handicraft for decoration, a custom wax stamp is also liked by many handbook enthusiasts and is often used to decorate the inner pages of handbooks.

Wax seal stamps are often used on gifts or letters to this day. It takes a few minutes for just one process of wax lacquer printing, which shows that the gift is full of hearts. Melt the fire lacquer, drop it on the place to be modified or sealed, stamp it before it hardens, and make a beautiful wax seal stamp. Every wax seal stamp cannot be copied. It is a unique and beautiful experience and mind.

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