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How to Print Gradient Wax Stamps?

Many people like custom wax seal stamps, which can be used in many places, such as invitations, gifts, weddings, etc. The method of use is also very simple, and many people will know it at a glance, but now the gradient pattern is popular. Many people have tried it, but the effect is not very good. TRODISS, a professional wax seal supplier in China, teaches you how to print gradient patterns with personalized wax seal stamps.

Step 1: Choose your favorite wax particles/wax strips (cut into small pieces), put them on a spoon and heat them until the wax is completely melted. There are two points to pay attention to here. The first is the amount of wax, and the wax particles are about three stamps. One, the wax strip needs to be tried several times by yourself; the second is the distance between the fire and the spoon, too close, it is easy to burn and smoke, and the wax will also be blackened, and the spoon will not be heated enough if it is too far.

Step 2: Use a fire-paint spoon to slowly pour the wax from the center of the circle onto the paper (the more round the pour, the better the effect), wait for a few seconds, press the seal slowly, and after the fire-paint is basically shaped, put the seal take away.

Step 3: The timing of pressing the stamp is very important. Probably after the wax has solidified slightly, press it from the center point. Do not use too much force, which will cause the center to be too thin and the sides to be thick.

Don’t force the cover immediately after pouring the wax oil, which is likely to turn the varnish into a puddle.

Step 4: Wait about ten seconds, press and hold the paper to uncover the seal.

You can prepare a few more custom made wax seal stamps so that you can make them at the same time and improve efficiency. Otherwise, it really takes a long time to complete dozens or hundreds of envelopes. It is best to buy a large wax melting spoon and use it with a large candle, which can greatly shorten the time.

Different shades depend on controlling the ratio of white and colored wax particles. If you want to be lighter, put more white wax particles. When it is almost melted, use a toothpick to stir. If you want a gradient with texture, don’t stir too evenly.

The above is the method of printing gradient patterns with a wax seal stamp. You can try it a few times. After you have experience, it is very simple to do.

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