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The Development History of Custom Seal Stamp

Custom seal stamp is an art that combines carving and calligraphy. It is an art style that is inseparable from Chinese calligraphy and painting. Due to the unique characteristics of seals, it occupies an important position in the antique market in the field of antique appreciation.

notary stamp and seal
notary stamp and seal

There are many names of custom logo seals, no less than a dozen, mainly including seals, treasures, stamps, books, pictures, stamps, stamps, stamps, stamps and so on. In ancient times, seals were commonly known as seals. After Qin unified China, only the emperor’s seal was called the seal, and the rest were called seals. In the Han Dynasty, princes and kings were called seals, generals were called chapters, and the rest were called seals. Later in the Qing Dynasty, the seal of the emperor was called the seal, which was changed to treasure, the seal above the prince was called the treasure, the official below the county king was called the seal, and the private one was called the seal, and so on. The title of the seal is irrelevant and unlimited, but the seal is still the most common.

There are many uses of modern custom seal stamps, such as wooden rubber stamps for children’s toys, student stamps for teaching, and numbers and letter stamps for children’s education in restaurants and other places. Materials for making stamp pads include photosensitive pads, ink storage pads, and so on. The ink is divided into water-based ink, oil-based ink and so on. There are also custom embossing stamps and wax seal stamps for personalization.

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