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How to make envelopes impressive?

An envelope is a bag-like device that people use to send letters and keep the contents of letters to communicate document information. Envelopes are generally made into rectangular paper bags.

  1. Perfume
    You can spray some floral, fruity fragrances. As soon as the recipient opens the envelope, he can smell the pleasant smell and be in a very good mood. You can choose a longer-lasting perfume, so as not to evaporate the perfume.
  2. Ribbon
    Because people usually have the impression of letter paper inside the envelope, putting a ribbon will make people a little surprised. The ribbon can be used as a hair band, it can also be remembered on the hand to make a bracelet, or it can be embroidered with words or some orchids. , the pattern of roses, which will make the envelope look delicate.
  3. Dried flowers
    Stick a bunch of small dried flowers on the surface of the envelope. If it is a flower that the other party likes, it will make people feel attentive. Dried flowers can be stored for a long time and are suitable for decoration, adding a touch of vitality and sweetness.
  4. wax seal stamp
    In ancient times, many people’s envelopes would use wax seal stamps as anti-theft. Now, use custom wax seal stamps, use your favorite pattern, and use it on the envelope, which is very ceremonial and makes people feel valued.
  5. embossing stamp
    At present, an embossing seal stamp is commonly used on envelopes, which can engrave your favorite patterns and leave a transparent mark on the envelope without affecting the overall beauty of the envelope.

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