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What Are The Types Of Stamps?

The types of stamps mainly include photosensitive stamps, copper stamps, back-inking copper stamps, red glue stamps, penetration stamps, wax seal stamps, embossing seal stamps, etc. The effects after use are different, as follows:

What are the types of stamps?

Photosensitive seal
Photosensitive seals are made of a special chemical synthetic material that instantly emits strong light radiation through special equipment, causing photo-oxidation and heat transfer on the material’s surface.

Copper seal
The copper seal is made of metal copper, which has the characteristics of high hardness, no deformation, long storage time, and is relatively convenient to use.

Back ink copper seal
The ink-returning stamp is a sturdy stamp holder with a built-in printing pad. When in use, the stamp is automatically reversed and the pad is automatically covered. After use, the imprinting effect is clear, the structure is stable, and it is durable.

Red plastic seal
The red rubber seal has a clear imprint and is suitable for use in various departmental seals, such as special seals for invoices, contracts for contracts, business seals for business, customs declarations, etc.

Wax seal stamp
Custom wax seal stamps are rarely used seals. After heating the beeswax, put it where the seal needs to be stamped and print it with a copper stamp. After cooling, you can get the desired wax stamp. The wax seal is very retro and gives people a strong sense of ritual, so many people like them. Generally used for gifts and weddings.

Embossing seal stamp
Custom embossing stamps are transparent embossed patterns. First, send the pattern effect you want to the logo seal maker, and they will help make it. Embossing stamps can play the role of anti-counterfeiting and can be used in companies, certificates, and weddings.

The above are the main types of stamps, which can be selected according to needs and usage.

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