What Is The Operation Method Of Hot Stamping Machine?

Digital Embossing Machine

What should we do when we use the hot stamping machine? Facing this problem, my answer is that only the correct use of the hot stamping machine can guarantee the hot stamping foil machine. To ensure the service life of the hot stamping machine, it is necessary to use it strictly in accordance with the operating rules. Let’s discuss the operation method of the bronzing machine together.

  1. Before the automatic digital hot foil stamping machine starts working, we must first check whether the hot stamping machine is operating normally, and check whether there are any countermeasures and handling methods for some special situations that occur when the hot stamping machine is working; check the hot stamping machine Some situations of working speed and adjustment.
  2. When the hot stamping machine is connected to the power supply, it is necessary to run idling and stop the test first, install the hot stamping board, warm up the hot stamping paper, calibrate the board and adjust the spacing of the parts to be hot stamped, and start processing after the confirmation of the department supervisor.
  3. During the operation of the hot stamping machine, if any fault is found, it should be stopped immediately, hang up the equipment fault card, and immediately report to the superior supervisor, and at the same time report to the equipment department for repair.
  4. After the production is over, clean up the materials around the hot gold foil stamping machine, clean the machine, and turn off the power.

Mastering the operation method of the hot stamping machine will help us better use the hot stamp press machine, reduce the frequency of failures in the hot stamping machine, improve the working efficiency of the hot stamping machine, save material costs, and create value for the enterprise.

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