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How to Make a Wax Seal Stamp?

In recent years, a lot of stationery related to letters has become popular again, including tapes, stickers, custom wax seal stamps, etc., which are loved by adults and children alike. By using these products, you can not only exercise children’s hands-on ability, but also relieve stress.

Wax seal stamps have a history of hundreds of years. In ancient times, people put burnt wax seal stamps on important letters, parcels, and confidential letters, and sealed them while they were hot. This was to prevent letters from being damaged during transportation. People secretly open the letter. Once opened, the sealing wax will be destroyed, and the recipient can easily see it! I have to admire the wisdom of people in ancient times.

So, how to make a wax seal stamp?
The first step is to prepare a candlestick, pay attention! ! ! Lighting candlesticks is a bit dangerous, ask parents to light it for you, be careful not to burn your hands.

The second step is to melt the selected wax particles in a wax spoon completely. Parents can help here. After all, it must be placed on the fire, which is very hot. Avoid children who burn their hands. Children who do not have wax particles can also use it. Clay instead, just omit the above heating step, it is also very good to make.

The third step is to pour the wax. Pour the melted wax on the silicone pad, and pour it into a round shape as much as possible. The shape of the stamp on the back will be very nice.

The fourth step is to cover the stamp. Cover the selected stamp vertically, and be careful not to tilt it. In this way, the pattern will be stressed unevenly, which will affect the final effect.

Finally, if you are not very satisfied with the effect, you can also add some colors you like on it, which is another feeling.

Everyone has seen Harry Potter, and I like it very much. There is a wax seal on the envelope inside. The handmade paper envelope, the handwritten letterhead, and the harry potter wax seal full of sender information all exude The exquisite, precious and mysterious colors promote the development of the storyline, which is impressive and can’t help but watch it several times.

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