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Fully Automatic Hot Stamping Machine Operation Methods And Precautions

Fully automatic hot stamping machines play an important role in the advertising, graphics and printing industries. When using fully automatic hot stamping machines, you must pay attention to correct operating methods to avoid damaging the machine and effectively reduce the failure rate of fully automatic hot stamping machines. So, how to operate the fully automatic hot foil stamping machine? What are the precautions for using the fully automatic hot foil stamping machine?

Hot Foil Stamping Machine

How to operate the fully automatic best hot foil stamping machine

  1. Place colored paper on the paper stacking table:
  2. Place the upper plate and fix the hot stamping plate;
  3. Check the safety and operating performance of brakes and parts:
  4. Turn on the power, idle for a few times, and check whether there are any abnormalities in operation.
  5. Adjust the feeder nozzle, paper pressure wheel and paper feeding belt according to the thickness of the paper.
  6. Adjust the front gauge, side gauge and pressure according to the needle position and thickness of the paper:
  7. Adjust the paper take-up position according to the paper thickness;
  8. First determine the hot stamping effect and position of the printed sheet, and confirm whether the hot stamping position is correct based on the sample and relevant information. At the same time, adjust the machine pressure according to the thickness of the hot stamping plate;
  9. Gently wipe the double-sided tape or debris on the front of the hot stamping plate with a cloth, being careful not to scratch the hot stamping plate;
  10. Select gold paper according to the hot stamping requirements. When choosing hot stamping paper, you should try it first and confirm the hot stamping effect before cutting. Load the divided hot stamping paper into the machine and adjust the walking distance.
  11. Determine the position of the printed sheet, then use the proof paper to test the ironing first, and put the base paper underneath, and put appropriate tape or paper at the lighter pressure position until the pressure is completely balanced.
  12. Carefully check the hot stamping effect and position. If the self-inspection is correct, submit it to the supervisor for confirmation before mass production.
  13. During the manufacturing process, the captain will perform a self-check every 50 sheets for the first 200 sheets, and every 200 sheets thereafter to check if there are any abnormalities.

New production or changed products must undergo first article confirmation.
Each captain must stop the aircraft when leaving the aircraft, turn off the lights and power to the machine after get off work.
Do not throw away used hot stamping paper (hot stamping paper can conduct electricity and must not come into contact with exposed threads), and keep the environment around the machine hygienic.
During the operation, do not chat with others, and do not allow idle personnel to start or operate the machine at will to ensure safe production.

Precautions for using hot stamping machine

  1. Power supply: Properly arrange the automatic source line of the automatic hot stamping machine to avoid the risk of tripping. Any maintenance must first unplug the power supply before troubleshooting. If you want to cut off the power supply, you should hold the power plug and pull it out without pulling it. Pull the power cord.
  2. Both hands and clothes should keep a certain safe distance from the moving parts of the automatic hot stamping machine to avoid accidents.
  3. Please do not disassemble it by yourself. Only qualified and trained maintenance personnel can repair the hot stamping machine. Uninformed technicians must first learn the relevant principles and operations before proceeding; if electrical components are to be replaced, accessories of the same specification and capacity should be used .
  4. The electronic components on the control board of the hot stamping machine are very sensitive to static electricity and are easily damaged, so we would like to remind you to wear electrostatic gloves as much as possible when handling them.
  5. No items should be placed or stored on the machine, and the hot stamp machine should be kept at a certain distance from any liquids and contaminants.
  6. Do not touch the print head just after stopping the machine operation or while the equipment is running.

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